• Italian Meat Roll, My Version

    This Italian meat roll will conquer your palate, I swear. As I use to say, I am “quite” a vegetarian, as I eat always less meat (even if, as my daughter says, we can’t become veggies because we can’t refuse Prosciutto…). If you already know my blog, you may have noticed how rarely I cook(…)

  • Herbs Bread With Feta Cheese

    This herbs bread with feta cheese is…all you want when you arrive home hungry and want to eat something. It is what happened today when my son arrived. I had just cut this bread and ate the first slice with my daughter, as it was before lunch. He arrived hungry and ate about 3 slices! It(…)

  • Fried Eggplant Bites

    These fried eggplant bites are …divine. Who knows me (or have read some more posts) knows that I rarely fry. It is really difficult that I cook something that has to be deep fried. So, if I decided to fry, it means it really deserves it. It is true that we love eggplants. It is always(…)

  • Courgette Flowers Pie

    This courgette flowers pie conquered me immediately. First, for its beauty. After, for its versatility, as I ate it warm from the oven, at room temperature, and the last slice right from the fridge. And loved it each time. It means it can be prepared in advance, can be an idea for a pic nic,(…)

  • Shrimp Skewers, So Easy to Prepare

    These shrimp skewers are super easy to prepare. You don’t need a barbecue as you can cook them with a common pan on your cooktop. I use a flat non adherent pan to prepare them. I use to say that I am not expert in preparing seafood. I don’t know how to properly clean fish and(…)