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avocado canape

Irresistible Avocado Canapé

Delicious avocado canapé These avocado canapé are... addictive.They please also those people who usually do not like "modern" food so as is avocado nowadays. I call...
mixed salad

My Mixed Salad for this Summer

Mixed Salad - a match that worked A mixed salad? You may be thinking: "What's new?" and you're right. The reason I am publishing this recipe...
mackerel patties

Mackerel Patties

Mackerel patties, unusual but delicious When I read mackerel patties, I immediately thought about using the mackerel cans I had in the kitchen cabinet. So...
stuffed zucchini flowers

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers to Die For

Baked stuffed zucchini flowers - an irresistible delicacy I have always loved stuffed zucchini flowers, but I usually ate it once in a while, as...
fruity tuna tartare

Fruity Tuna Tartare

A fresh fruity tuna tartare for your palate delight I prepared this fruity tuna tartare thinking about one I ate, some years ago, in a...
breaded eggplant

Breaded Eggplant Baked in Oven

A simple breaded eggplant for a light Summer dinner Breaded eggplant is very popular in Italy, especially during Summertime, the plain eggplant season. Most of the time...
chocolate almonds

Chocolate Almonds, an Irresistible Treat

Chocolate Almonds, you'll eat them all! Chocolate almonds are a treat. But, at least, a healthy treat ;-). I can't help, I am always paying...
quinoa and chocolate brittle

Quinoa and Chocolate Brittle

Quinoa and chocolate brittle, what an idea! I had never thinked about a quinoa and chocolate brittle. I eat quinoa regularly, but I had never...
fruit salad

A Refreshing Fruit Salad

 A delicious fruit salad that will conquer your palate Fruit salad is a recipe, if we can call it a recipe, that I connect to...

Poké, do you already know it?

I met poke for the first time a week ago I came to know poké while visiting New York with my sister. She told me...
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