Banana Boooo!!!!!! A Halloween Idea!


    Banana booooo!!! Well, my children are grown but the child inside me is still alive :-)!

    Halloween became a worldwide known holiday and, even if I do not prepare anything special for this day, I couldn’t resist these bananas and the chocolate witch brooms you see below. These are treats that go well for children but also for adults. They’re healthy (I used only dark chocolate to prepare the brooms) and can be a silly cute thing to have fun amongst friends.

    The banana boos are extremely easy to prepare: just cut each banana in two, place them with the cut part on the dish or tray and add two eyes using chocolate chips. That’s all!!!

    The chocolate witch brooms needs are a little bit more work. You have to find alluminium molds (the paper ones would fall down with the weight of melted chocolate) and carefully insere a toothpick on each, and then fix it on a surface that can hold them up (I tried with a paper box and it didn’t work. So I rushed into the fridge and found a cheese package that solved my problem!).

    Melt the chocolate and fill the molds, taking care of “opening” some of them to give the shape of a broom, and let them cold.

    Happy Halloween!!!

    banana banana banana


    chocolate-witch-brooms-3 chocolate-witch-brooms-5 chocolate-witch-brooms-6


    chocolate-witch-brooms-01 chocolate-witch-brooms-02 chocolate-witch-brooms-03 chocolate-witch-brooms-04 chocolate-witch-brooms-05



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