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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
caramel popcorn recipe

Luscious caramel popcorn recipe

When I found this caramel popcorn recipe, I ran to the kitchen to prepare it immediately. I love popcorn. It's a curious love because I can stay for months without eating it, but when I...
chocolate christmas tree

Enchanting Chocolate Christmas Tree

This chocolate Christmas tree touched me. One of those recipes you see and can't take your mind out of it. I just had to give it a try. Give a try? Yes, because it is...
chocolate pudding

Italian Chocolate Pudding from Piedmont

I was lucky enough to eat this Italian chocolate pudding always in its birth place, Piedmont. I was always promising myself to prepare it at home and I finally did it some weeks ago. I...
gingerbread house recipe

A loving gingerbread house recipe (with no ginger)

I admit I had never seen a gingerbread house recipe since about a month ago, when I watched an episode of Australian Masterchef TV series when two competitors had to bake and build a...

Small Palmiers, Who Resists?

Palmiers reminds me my grandmother. She had fixed things she liked and each time she went out with my father (they usually go out for shopping on Saturday afternoons), she bought these same things. Once...
yogurt greco

Frozen Yogurt Recipe With Fruits

When I saw this frozen yogurt recipe I couldn't resist. Because it is beautiful...and healthy. A little detail could be that I do not like yogurt...but I thought about preparing it to my daughter...
coconut popsicles

Tasty Coconut Popsicles For Summer Days

When I found this coconut popsicles I decided I'd prepare them for my daughter's return from China, where she stayed for 3 1/2 months with her university. So I did. Yesterday afternoon I prepared them...

The Best Ricotta Cheesecake For Me

This ricotta cheesecake conquered me. Cheesecakes are pretty common also here in Italy. I have tried some, prepared another recipes, but none had captured me. Since I have found this ricotta cheesecake. THIS is the...
dried pineapple

Lovely Dried Pineapple Flowers

I had never seen these dried pineapple flowers since a couple of weeks ago. Guess what? I fell in love with them. I am Brazilian and so I am pretty confident with this fruit, so confident that...
lemon pie

Intense Lemon Pie

I decided to try this lemon pie to celebrate my first harvest of lemons (of a small lemon plant in a vase). Some time ago I saw lemon plants on the window sills of...
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