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zucchini and eggs

Zucchini and Eggs Baskets

I love this zucchini and eggs baskets recipe. It is tasty, beautiful, easy to prepare and...light. I admit I wasn't that confident when I first tried it, and it completely amazed me. Such a simple mix...
chicken with curry

Chicken With Curry And Chickpeas

I decided to try this chicken with curry and chickpeas recipe because of my son, that loves both chicken and chickpeas. But, as often happens, we all liked it very much. It is a recipe...
meat roll

Italian Meat Roll, My Version

This Italian meat roll will conquer your palate, I swear. As I use to say, I am "quite" a vegetarian, as I eat always less meat (even if, as my daughter says, we can't...
Pulire i gamberi eliminando la testa, staccando le zampette e la carapace, lasciando solo la parte finale della coda. Poi con uno stecchino eliminare quel filo sulla loro parte esterna. Poi lavarli e metterli dentro una ciottola. Aggiungere la vodka, l’olio extra vergine di oliva, foglie di basilico e pepe rosa sbricciolato. Coprire il contenitore e mettere il tutto a marinare mezz’ora in frigo. Inserire 2 gamberi in ogni spiedino di legno e cuocerli su una piastra anti aderente a fuoco vivace, 1 minuto per lato. Servire con limone appena tagliato. Buon appetito!

Shrimp Skewers, So Easy to Prepare

These shrimp skewers are super easy to prepare. You don't need a barbecue as you can cook them with a common pan on your cooktop. I use a flat non adherent pan to prepare them. I...
orange chicken recipe

Orange Chicken Recipe

I prepared this lemon and orange chicken recipe yesterday morning because I was going out and return home at lunch time. I woke up early (6:15am). Does it happen to you to awake at about...
tuscan soup

My Favorite Tuscan Soup – Ribollita

This Tuscan soup is not only my favorite, it is also the most known one. It is called ribollita, which means "boiled again", as it originates as a poor dish, prepared with the vegetables...
pearled barley

Pearled Barley With Roasted Tomatoes

I used to prepare pearled barley as a rich risotto, with sausage, mushrooms and some more ingredients. Very tasty. I have to look for that recipe, as I haven't prepared it during these last...
eggplant parmigiana

Delicious Fake Eggplant Parmigiana

Why a fake eggplant parmigiana? Because it tastes like the best eggplant parmigiana, but you don't have to fry the eggplant! I try the more I can to avoid frying. Not only for the...
broccoli and pasta

My Favorite Way to Prepare Broccoli and Pasta

Broccoli and pasta is a typical dish from Southern Italy, especially from Puglia region. They have a local pasta shape called orecchiette that are usually prepared with broccoli and it is one of the...
baked eggplant recipe

Another Baked Eggplant Recipe for a Summer Dinner

Another baked eggplant recipe? Yes! If you are like me, who prefers to cook seasonal products, we have to look for different recipes for cooking eggplants, zucchini and tomato quite everyday ;-D. My husbands literally...
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