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Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Delicious Baked Eggplant Parmesan

I have always tried different baked eggplant parmesan recipes as I always try not to fry. I have found a good one using grilled or baked purple eggplants, but this recipe here adds that taste...
tuna pasta

Our Tuna Pasta Recipe – Quick and Tasty!

There was a period when I used to prepare this tuna pasta at least once a week. My children were at school and we got back home together, all hungry and this quick and...

Rondelli, the Brazilian Italian Dish

Rondelli, a piece of Italy in Brazil...or the opposite? If you ask for rondelli in Italy, you will probably hear: "what?" It is curious that it is so much popular in Brazil as an Italian dish...
mackerel patties

Mackerel Patties

Mackerel patties, unusual but delicious When I read mackerel patties, I immediately thought about using the mackerel cans I had in the kitchen cabinet. So my first thought was about using what I already had...

Gratifying Chicken Recipe

This chicken recipe was the school "report card" dish for my children for many years. They love it and when they were teens it was their favorite dish. So, each time we had to...
eggplant parmigiana

Delicious Fake Eggplant Parmigiana

Why a fake eggplant parmigiana? Because it tastes like the best eggplant parmigiana, but you don't have to fry the eggplant! I try the more I can to avoid frying. Not only for the...

Meatloaf with Egg Inside

I had already seen a meatloaf with eggs inside...but I had never prepared it, until today. I did it without thinking too much, and I didn't even noticed it is a light recipe, with little...
stuffed eggplant recipe

A Light Stuffed Eggplant Recipe (No Frying)

I tried this stuffed eggplant recipe the day I saw it on an Italian online food magazine. And prepared it twice in a week :-). Yes, during Summertime we are surrounded by eggplants (and tomatoes...
recipe of eggplant

A Light, Fresh & Veggie Recipe of Eggplant

This recipe of eggplant is so simple that I don't understand why I hadn't prepared it yet. It is easy and needs few ingredients. It is also perfect for a Summertime dinner outside and can...
orange chicken recipe

Orange Chicken Recipe

I prepared this lemon and orange chicken recipe yesterday morning because I was going out and return home at lunch time. I woke up early (6:15am). Does it happen to you to awake at about...
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