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how to make fried chicken

How To Make Fried Chicken Without Frying?

How to make fried chicken without frying, in a healthier and lighter way? In other words, I am showing you a fake fried chicken ;-). Yes, because it looks and tastes like fried, but it...
tuna pasta

Our Tuna Pasta Recipe – Quick and Tasty!

There was a period when I used to prepare this tuna pasta at least once a week. My children were at school and we got back home together, all hungry and this quick and...
recipe of eggplant

A Light, Fresh & Veggie Recipe of Eggplant

This recipe of eggplant is so simple that I don't understand why I hadn't prepared it yet. It is easy and needs few ingredients. It is also perfect for a Summertime dinner outside and can...

Irresistible Pasta Carbonara Recipe

This pasta carbonara recipe is my Godmother's one. I learned it watching her prepare it so many times when, freshly married, we happened to stay for dinner at their house. Coming from Brazil and marrying...
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