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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Delicious Potato Roses

potato roses
I had seen many potato roses recipes, but I was never convinced of them. Maybe because I had tried some and didn't had good results. The potatoes weren't baked enough or the roses didn't come. I tried these potato roses the other day just by chance, without expecting too much. And, as often happens when we have no expectations, the...
egg recipe
This egg recipe is my favorite, for now. I say for now because I love to try new recipes and, who knows, when there will be a new one that will superate this one. I had first seen this beautiful egg recipe in Martha Stewart's magazine, a couple of years ago. I took the magazine to the kitchen to prepare...

Meatloaf with Egg Inside

I had already seen a meatloaf with eggs inside...but I had never prepared it, until today. I did it without thinking too much, and I didn't even noticed it is a light recipe, with little bread and quite no fat - but delicious! If a pop up didn't open while I was reading the recipe, offering more low calories recipes,...

Cheese Crackers

cheese crackers
I saved this cheese crackers recipe for 2 reasons. First, because I am fond of cheese and a cheese cracker cannot be bad. Second, because the author of the recipe fascinates me with her story. She is Dorie Greenspan, that left her gerontology doctorate to bake cookies. I admire people who  are coragious enough to follow their own instincts. So I...

Onion Tart With Gorgonzola

onion tart
This onion tart is extremely easy to prepare and it is...useful! Yes, because you can prepare it for so many occasions. Dinner, finger food during games, buffet... You can prepare it as you see on the photos or you can also cut the puff pastry with a cookie cutter and make individual finger food portions too. It is an easy...

Radicchio Strudel

radicchio strudel
This radicchio strudel is a tasty and easy to prepare delicacy. I like radicchio very much, cooked or raw, and the combination with speck and cheese couldn't be better. When I first saw this radicchio strudel recipe, I thought it was prepared with puff pastry, but, what a pleasant surprise, it isn't! It is a homemade pastry that comes out...

Zucchini Small Pies

zucchini small pies
These zucchini small pies are perfect when you need a comforting, easy and simple idea for your family's dinner. I know it's not zucchini season, but even if I love so much Winter's vegetables (savoy cabbage, cabbage, potatoes...), sometimes I do vary a little, also because we always have zucchini at the supermarket. I found this simple zucchini small pies recipe...

Heart Shaped Bread

heart shaped bread
This heart shaped bread conquered me immediately. I know hearts are too much used for Valentines, but I can't help, I just love them! I had the recipe with me these last two days, but there was always something that came in between and I couldn't do it. So I prepared it yesterday night and left the dough in the...

Pear Chutney With Saffron

pear chutney
A pear chutney is inviting already by its name. If you add saffron and other spicy tastes, it becomes irresistible. Even if I love chutney, I only eat it with cheese. But I assure you I eat so much and I am so fond of it that it's better I do not eat it also with fish and meat ;-). When I...

Ricotta Plumcake

ricotta plumcake
I had to have a ricotta plumcake recipe. It couldn't be other way after the saleswoman of the market I use to go told me she never met a customer who buy that much ricotta as me :-)! Years ago I liked the sheep-milk ricotta. I used to live in a small village and it was often gave as a...
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