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Plumcakes, Muffins & Cakes

dairy free cake recipe

A Super Simple Dairy Free Cake Recipe

I saw this dairy free cake recipe just by chance, while reading here and there through the Internet. I wasn't searching for it, but the idea of not using milk and butter and having...
chocolate muffin

The Chocolate Muffin Recipe I Dreamed About

I prepared this chocolate muffin recipe today at 6:00am. Why so early? Because I was dreaming about it during a light sleep and I thought it'd be better to wake up and prepare it instead of...
chocolate chip banana bread recipe

Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – It is Also Gluten Free!

This chocolate chip banana bread really attracted my attention. And it is not easy regarding banana bread, as we have our favorite one (unfortunately it was one of the ones lost by my last...
blueberry muffin

Blueberry Muffin, Easy, Tasty & Perfect For Breakfast

A blueberry muffin takes me to London... a city I love. I first ate it in a coffee shop in Regent Street and, since then, I associate this muffin with London ;-) I first prepared...
ricotta plumcake

Ricotta Plumcake

I had to have a ricotta plumcake recipe. It couldn't be other way after the saleswoman of the market I use to go told me she never met a customer who buy that much...
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