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Thursday, January 24, 2019
codfish salad

Delicious Codfish Salad

This salted codfish salad is just delicious. I ate it yesterday for lunch and dinner and already fell like eating it again. Yes, it is true that when I find something I really like it...
spelt salad

A Spelt Salad that Will Conquer You

A simple spelt salad that you will prepare more and more times This spelt salad is divine. Not just good, but much more. It another synergyc recipe, where the sum of all (good) ingredients results...
caprese salad recipe

An Original Way to Present a Caprese Salad Recipe

The Caprese salad recipe itself is soo simple. It needs only good quality products, it's their taste that will make your dish, as you don't have add-ons or sauces to cover the original flavors. So,...
tuna salad

A Simple Tuna Salad For a Summer Fresh Dinner

Tuna salad was one of my favorite sandwiches when I was a teen ager in Rio. I loved the one sold by the Brazilian fast food chain Bob's. It was made with toasted bread...
green salad

Delicious Green Salad

I prepared this green salad for me yesterday. I loved it and I am already planning when I am going to eat it again ;-). It is basically a green salad with bacon, poached egg...

Scrumptious Mushroom Salad

I first ate this mushroom salad a couple of years ago in a friend's restaurant. Since then I've prepared it so many times at home. I use to prepare it as a starter, but I...
easy quinoa recipe

Easy Quinoa Recipe, Healthy and Tasty

I didn't fell in love with quinoa at first sight. I didn't like its aroma while cooking and I admit I threw away a couple of packages that I left in the kitchen for...
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