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Salted Cakes and Pies

zucchini cake

An Easy Salted Zucchini Cake for Your Picnic or Buffet

As soon as I saw this salted zucchini cake I knew I'd be preparing it in little time. And so I did. I love recipes with zucchini (if you have read some other recipes here,...

Fantastic pizza crust recipe with low carbs!

I recently discovered this pizza crust recipe... with low carbs! I was very curious and tried it immediately. The result? I did it again the day after too ;-). I saw many different recipes and...
zucchini pie

A Zucchini Pie Easy so Prepare and so Tasty

I prepare this zucchini pie when I have friends for dinner and want to have dishes that can be prepared in advance. This zucchini pie pleases all. The puff pastry together with the grilled...

A Greek cheese tart you will not resist, I swear!

When I found this Greek cheese tart I was tempted to do it the same day. But I didn't have feta (Greek cheese) at home...but it remained in my mind, and today I prepared...
spinach and feta pie

Delicious Spinach And Feta Pie

I love this spinach and feta pie. I have prepared it many times and I never get tired of it. It is good as soon as it's done, it's good at room temperature, it's...
cheese pie

A Cheese Pie To Your Recipes Book

A cheese pie is inviting just by its name. If you continue to read the recipe and find some of your favorite cheese types, then you just have to prepare it immediately as I...
fake pizza

A Fake Pizza, Tasty and Super Healthy

A delicious healthy fake pizza This fake pizza would deserve a real name, term, to define it as it is a real dish, a fantastic idea I am enthusiast about. I have prepared it many...
zucchini flowers

Baked Zucchini Flowers with Mozzarella

Not the usual baked zucchini flowers These baked zucchini flowers aren't the common ones...so that I didn't know how to call them. It is not exactly a salted pie (even if it looks like one...

Delicious Spanakopita Rolls

I was curious about spanakopita since the first time I saw it on a blog, it happened some time ago. I was always postponing this recipe because it seemed something different, that needed more attention...
ricotta pie

A Ricotta Pie Super Easy to Prepare

I found this ricotta pie written in a very small piece of paper in the middle of my recipes box (a box where I gather recipes from magazines, newspapers, some given by friends, and some other...
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