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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
garlic potatoes

Irresistible Garlic Potatoes

These garlic potatoes are my last vice. I prepared them two times in a few days and I am already looking for the next batch. I admit I am not a potato expert. I didn't...
savoy cabbage

Delicious Savoy Cabbage Cake

This savoy cabbage cake is another Autumn recipe I like so much. It has all those warm ingredients that are so comforting during these cooler days: broth, bread, cheese and cabbage. It is pretty...
cauliflower gratin

Comforting Cauliflower Gratin

I prepared this cauliflower gratin three times since the weather cooled down. I like cauliflower so much as it can be prepared in many appetizing ways (the only way I don't like it that...
onions au gratin

Super Delicious Onions Au Gratin

When I saw this onions au gratin recipe, I saved it because, other than being extra easy, it is prepared with only good ingredients. So, it could only be a tasty dish. I admit that...
broccoli and cheese

A Comforting Broccoli and Cheese Recipe

I called this broccoli and cheese a comforting recipe because it matches perfectly with the cool weather that is arriving. Well, we had such a hot and traditional Summer this year (even too hot), and it...
cheesy potatoes

Cheesy Potatoes – Who Resists?

How could I resist these cheesy potatoes? Often I try a recipe because I just make 1+1 thinking that with good ingredients, it should quite certainly be good. This recipe is one of these cases....
zucchini rolls

Zucchini Rolls – You Just Can’t Eat Only One!

I was curious about this zucchini rolls. After trying (and preparing it many times) the fake eggplant parmesan, I became a lover of the "fresh" seasoned breadcrumbs. As these zucchini are prepared with them,...
cordon bleu

Eggplant Cordon Bleu

This eggplant cordon bleu is one of those recipes that I feel like trying immediately as soon as I find them. And I have to say that my intuition was right - they are...
easy quinoa recipe

Easy Quinoa Recipe, Healthy and Tasty

I didn't fell in love with quinoa at first sight. I didn't like its aroma while cooking and I admit I threw away a couple of packages that I left in the kitchen for...
roasted tomatoes

Irresistible Roasted Tomatoes

I have just eaten these roasted tomatoes for lunch. I saw the recipe, bought the cherry tomatoes, arrived home and baked them for myself. As I am the only one at home that likes baked...