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grilled feta

Grilled Feta …Just Irresistible!

Another feta recipe Grilled feta? I had never heard about it, nor even knew it could be made and that it would be such an irresistible recipe. First of all, I do not owe a feta...
cauliflower cheese

Delicious Cauliflower Cheese Breadsticks

I had prepared these cauliflower cheese breadsticks a while ago, but as it happens often, I keep such a lot of recipes to post that sometimes I just forget to post them. Yesterday I was...
fruity tuna tartare

Fruity Tuna Tartare

A fresh fruity tuna tartare for your palate delight I prepared this fruity tuna tartare thinking about one I ate, some years ago, in a neraby restaurant. I never forgot the orange taste that perfectly...
feta in oil

Feta In Oil

Feta in Oil - The Newly Discovered Delicacy I had never seen feta in oil. As I love feta, when I saw this recipe, super easy and simple by the way, I couldn't resist. I...
caprese appetizer

Caprese Appetizer

A caprese appetizer that assures you no leftovers This caprese appetizer is a fantastic idea because it is simple to prepare and resembles pizza flavour, what makes it incredibly successful when served. This recipe is signed by Luca...

Tasty Asparagus Sandwich

This asparagus recipe is a good idea for an easy dinner or a buffet. It mixes the toasted puff pastry taste with asparagus, buffalo mozzarella and a light tomato sauce. An Italian flag with...
avocado canape

Irresistible Avocado Canapé

Delicious avocado canapé These avocado canapé are... addictive.They please also those people who usually do not like "modern" food so as is avocado nowadays. I call myself a novice regarding avocado prepared as a salted dish....
caprese salad recipe

An Original Way to Present a Caprese Salad Recipe

The Caprese salad recipe itself is soo simple. It needs only good quality products, it's their taste that will make your dish, as you don't have add-ons or sauces to cover the original flavors. So,...
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