My Light Gorgonzola Sauce


    This is a light gorgonzola sauce. Why? Because I always try to save calories when possible.

    The gorgonzola is a delicious cheese that has its fat and doesn’t need more. Why add cream? I prefer this lighter version that keeps all the taste and flavor.

    This sauce is perfect to dress gnocchi.

    I invented this sauce during the two years I lived again in Brazil and had opened a spaghetteria. I first tried the common sauce using cream, but I absolutely wanted to find a lighter solution. The result satisfied me plenty – and I can say also my customers, as it was one of the favorite sauces.

    It is very easy to prepare, you just have to put all the ingredients into a small pan, turn on the gas and let it cook until it becomes dense (a few minutes). In another pan (anti-adherent is better) let the gorgonzola melts and as soon as it melts, mix it all together and the light gorgonzola sauce is ready to dress your pasta 🙂

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    My Light Gorgonzola Sauce
    Prep time
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    A light gorgonzola sauce for gnocchi and pasta
    Recipe type: sauces
    Serves: 4
    1. In a small pan put the milk together with the butter and flour and turn on the gas. Stir continuously until it becomes homogeneous and dense. Turn off the gas.
    2. Cut the gorgonzola cheese in pieces and put into a non-adherent pan and turn on medium gas. Let it melt.
    3. When it melts pour into the other mixture, stir well and it is ready to be used.
    4. Buon appetito!



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