Scrumptious Mushroom Salad


    I first ate this mushroom salad a couple of years ago in a friend’s restaurant. Since then I’ve prepared it so many times at home.

    I use to prepare it as a starter, but I have also eaten this mushroom salad for lunch when I was by myself.

    It has many qualities I appreciate so much in food: it’s tasteful, easy to prepare and light.

    I usually use a mandoline to slice the mushrooms and bottarga (dried mullet fish eggs), as they have to be thin to give their best to this salad. The dried ricotta needs to be grated with a large grater, so you will have kind of ricotta flakes.

    Obviously, you need a great extra virgin olive oil.

    Just slice the mushrooms and put them on a plate. Add the bottarga slices and grate some ricotta over it. If you’re not eating immediately, cover with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge. Right before serving, add a generous thread of good quality extra virgin olive oil over all.

    Buon appetito!

    mushroom salad

    mushroom salad


    I prefer to peel the mushrooms. Some people just brush and some prefer to wash them.

    mushroom salad     Slice them thinly with a mandoline.

    mushroom salad

    mushroom salad

    Put them on a plate. Slice the mullet egg fish with the mandoline too, and put them over the mushrooms.mushroom salad mushroom salad

    Grate some dried ricotta (sometimes it’s called salted ricotta) using a large grater to have flakes. And then abundant extra virgin olive oil.

    mushroom salad


    Scrumptious Mushroom Salad
    Prep time
    Total time
    An easy to prepare and light salad with mushrooms and mullet dried eggs
    Recipe type: starters
    Serves: 2
    1. Clean the mushrooms and cut them in thin slices (better with a mandoline).
    2. Put them on the serving plate.
    3. Slice thinly the bottarga and put over the mushrooms.
    4. Grate some ricotta over it.
    5. If not eating immediately, cover with plastic wrap and keep into the fridge.
    6. Add abundant good quality extra virgin olive oil before serving.
    7. Buon appetito!



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