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caprese appetizer

Caprese Appetizer

A caprese appetizer that assures you no leftovers This caprese appetizer is a fantastic idea because it is simple to prepare and resembles pizza flavour, what makes...
zucchini flowers

Baked Zucchini Flowers with Mozzarella

Not the usual baked zucchini flowers These baked zucchini flowers aren't the common ones...so that I didn't know how to call them. It is not...
fake pizza

A Fake Pizza, Tasty and Super Healthy

A delicious healthy fake pizza This fake pizza would deserve a real name, term, to define it as it is a real dish, a fantastic...
spelt salad

A Spelt Salad that Will Conquer You

A simple spelt salad that you will prepare more and more times This spelt salad is divine. Not just good, but much more. It another...
roasted eggplant with cheese

Roasted Eggplant with Cheese

Another way to prepare roasted eggplant with cheese These roasted eggplants with cheese can be an inviting finger food served with a drink, other than...
roasted potatoes with lime

Roasted Potatoes With Lime

Roasted potatoes with lime...a delicious dish to repeat often These roasted potatoes with lime attracted my curiosity. So much. Until yesterday, when I finally prepared...
banana bread Starbucks

Banana Bread Starbucks

The banana bread like Starbuck's delicious one Starbucks didn't send me their banana bread recipe. I searched it in Internet after eating it in Miami...
chocolate nude cake

Chocolate Nude Cake

A chocolate nude cake with fresh cream and fruits I prepared this chocolate nude cake last Saturday. I prepared it to celebrate three birthdays together:...

Rondelli, the Brazilian Italian Dish

Rondelli, a piece of Italy in Brazil...or the opposite? If you ask for rondelli in Italy, you will probably hear: "what?" It is curious that it...
grilled feta

Grilled Feta …Just Irresistible!

Another feta recipe Grilled feta? I had never heard about it, nor even knew it could be made and that it would be such an...
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