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feta in oil

Feta In Oil

Feta in Oil - The Newly Discovered Delicacy I had never seen feta in oil. As I love feta, when I saw this recipe, super...
nude cake

The Nude Cake

I first saw a nude cake some years ago, reading an article that showed it was being requested for modern weddings. Then my sister,...
valentines cookies

Valentines Cookies

I always look for new Valentines cookies. Heart shaped, heart inspired...anything that looks romantic appeals to me for Valentines. These cookies are very quick and...
codfish salad

Delicious Codfish Salad

This salted codfish salad is just delicious. I ate it yesterday for lunch and dinner and already fell like eating it again. Yes, it is...
ricotta pie

A Ricotta Pie Super Easy to Prepare

I found this ricotta pie written in a very small piece of paper in the middle of my recipes box (a box where I...
potato roses

Delicious Potato Roses

I had seen many potato roses recipes, but I was never convinced of them. Maybe because I had tried some and didn't had good...
egg recipe

My Favorite Egg Recipe, For Now

This egg recipe is my favorite, for now. I say for now because I love to try new recipes and, who knows, when there...

Meatloaf with Egg Inside

I had already seen a meatloaf with eggs inside...but I had never prepared it, until today. I did it without thinking too much, and I...
cheese crackers

Cheese Crackers

I saved this cheese crackers recipe for 2 reasons. First, because I am fond of cheese and a cheese cracker cannot be bad. Second,...
onion tart

Onion Tart With Gorgonzola

This onion tart is extremely easy to prepare and it is...useful! Yes, because you can prepare it for so many occasions. Dinner, finger food...
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