Rondelli, the Brazilian Italian Dish


    Rondelli, a piece of Italy in Brazil…or the opposite?

    If you ask for rondelli in Italy, you will probably hear: “what?”

    It is curious that it is so much popular in Brazil as an Italian dish and not ever known in Italy.

    in Brazil you can find rondelli in many Italian restaurants, but also in most supermarkets, fresh or frozen.

    it is a simple recipe that consists in pasta, ham, cheese and cream. An irresistible mix that usually conquer any palate.

    You can dress it with tomato sauce or just cream, as we prefer. It is such a comforting dish, hot from the oven and with that familiar taste that recalls good food (ham and cheese do their part 😉 ).

    An important tip: the pasta sheet has to be thick. Don’t use those super thin that are sold as “no boiling needed” label. With thin pasta you won’t be able to create the rolls that compose this recipe.

    You can use the cheese you prefer. I like the Swiss type (Emmenthal) as it is tasty but do not dominate over the other ingredients.



    How to prepare rondelli:

    Rondelli, the Brazilian Italian Dish
    Prep time
    Cook time
    Total time
    Serves: ¾
    • 17,6 oz fresh pasta sheets (as those for lasagna)
    • 17,6 oz sliced ham
    • 17,6 oz sliced cheese
    • 17,6 oz double cream
    • Salt
    • Oregano
    1. Turn on the oven 356°F/180°C.
    2. Take a sheet of pasta and add a layer of ham and another of cheese.
    3. Enroll it on its shorter side creating a roll.
    4. Repeat until finish the ingredients.
    5. With a sharp knife, cut it in slices of 0.6in each.
    6. Add some cream to an oven resistent pan, plus salt and oregano.
    7. Put all the rolls, with the cut part facing up, one aside the other, and complete the pan, without overlaying them.
    8. Cover with abundant cream (don't worry as it is going to be absorbed by the pasta while cooking), salt and grated Parmesan cheese.
    9. Bake until punching with a fork, you feel the pasta is soft, and there's a golden color on its surface.
    10. Buon appetito!



      • Sorry Yvette, I posted for the first time through my iPhone and didn’t see I had forgotten to add the unit (oz).
        I have just done that, thanks to your message.
        Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Olá Ana, por aqui (Brasil) as massas são muito apreciadas.
      Não esqueço da deliciosa macarronada de domingo que minha avó fazia.
      A lasanha sem igual de minha mãe.
      Obrigada por compartilhar suas receitas e parabéns pelo blog.
      Lucia Cunha

      • Obrigada Lucia 🙂 E’ um prazer tê-la por aqui 😉
        As massas são realmente parte da culinária brasileira. Depois de escrever este post recebi 2 informações que rondelli são chamadas rosette di Bologna, mas eu até então nunca tinha ouvido falar nelas aqui, mas no Brasil…


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