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chicken with curry

Chicken With Curry And Chickpeas

I decided to try this chicken with curry and chickpeas recipe because of my son, that loves both chicken and chickpeas. But, as often...
orange chicken recipe

Orange Chicken Recipe

I prepared this lemon and orange chicken recipe yesterday morning because I was going out and return home at lunch time. I woke up early...

Gratifying Chicken Recipe

This chicken recipe was the school "report card" dish for my children for many years. They love it and when they were teens it...
how to make fried chicken

How To Make Fried Chicken Without Frying?

How to make fried chicken without frying, in a healthier and lighter way? In other words, I am showing you a fake fried chicken ;-)....
chicken salad recipe

Our Personalized Brazilian Chicken Salad Recipe – Salpicão

This chicken salad recipe is one of those dishes I always eat when I go to Brazil. My daughter likes it very much and...
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