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chocolate christmas tree

Enchanting Chocolate Christmas Tree

This chocolate Christmas tree touched me. One of those recipes you see and can't take your mind out of it. I just had to...
chocolate pudding

Italian Chocolate Pudding from Piedmont

I was lucky enough to eat this Italian chocolate pudding always in its birth place, Piedmont. I was always promising myself to prepare it...

Chocolate Brownies – A Male Sweet For Valentine

Yes, I consider brownies a male sweet. I have this clear sensation. No heart shape, no cream or custards. But chocolate. Easy to eat...

Stunning Chocolate Cake

I prepared this chocolate cake less than 24 hours after seeing its recipe. I photographed it and sent to my children and my daughter...
chocolate muffin

The Chocolate Muffin Recipe I Dreamed About

I prepared this chocolate muffin recipe today at 6:00am. Why so early? Because I was dreaming about it during a light sleep and I thought it'd...

An Easy-Easy & Delicious Chocolate And Banana Recipe

I wasn't looking for a banana recipe, but when I put my eyes on this treat I couldn't avoid doing it quite immediately. It's...

My Sister’s Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

I admit I didn't know what a chocolate mud cake was until my sister asked me why I hadn't tried it yet. You may be...
german chocolate pie

My Son’s Every Birthday German Chocolate Pie

We first ate this German chocolate pie in Brazil, prepared by my cousin. It was about 10 years ago and, since then, it's the...
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