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vegetarian pie

A Vegetable Pie

This vegetable pie was on my wish list for a long time. I didn't feel like putting away the sheet where I printed the recipe...
zucchini rolls

Zucchini Rolls – You Just Can’t Eat Only One!

I was curious about this zucchini rolls. After trying (and preparing it many times) the fake eggplant parmesan, I became a lover of the...
savory snacks

Greek Savory Snacks For Anytime

I tried these Greek savory snacks some weeks ago for the first time, and have prepared them many times after that day ;-D. These small...
spinach cake

A Super Easy Spinach Cake

This spinach cake is that kind of recipe that I am sure you will prepare more times. It is extremely easy to do as you...

Small Bites of Pissaladiere, The French Salted Tart

I knew pissaladiere, ma had never prepared it. Then I found this recipe for mini pissaladieres and tried it immediately. I love finger food. I...
zucchini cake

An Easy Salted Zucchini Cake for Your Picnic or Buffet

As soon as I saw this salted zucchini cake I knew I'd be preparing it in little time. And so I did. I love recipes...
cauliflower cheese

Delicious Cauliflower Cheese Breadsticks

I had prepared these cauliflower cheese breadsticks a while ago, but as it happens often, I keep such a lot of recipes to post...
garlic bread

A Garlic Bread You Just Can’t Stop Eating

Garlic bread is quite always good. The taste of garlic adds that irresistible flavor and taste that I just cannot resist. But there are some...
zucchini pie

A Zucchini Pie Easy so Prepare and so Tasty

I prepare this zucchini pie when I have friends for dinner and want to have dishes that can be prepared in advance. This zucchini...

Tasty Asparagus Sandwich

This asparagus recipe is a good idea for an easy dinner or a buffet. It mixes the toasted puff pastry taste with asparagus, buffalo...
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