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mackerel patties

Mackerel Patties

Mackerel patties, unusual but delicious When I read mackerel patties, I immediately thought about using the mackerel cans I had in the kitchen cabinet. So...
fruity tuna tartare

Fruity Tuna Tartare

A fresh fruity tuna tartare for your palate delight I prepared this fruity tuna tartare thinking about one I ate, some years ago, in a...

Poké, do you already know it?

I met poke for the first time a week ago I came to know poké while visiting New York with my sister. She told me...
codfish salad

Delicious Codfish Salad

This salted codfish salad is just delicious. I ate it yesterday for lunch and dinner and already fell like eating it again. Yes, it is...

Delicious & Easy Tuna Patties

I prepared these easy tuna patties just because I had some ricotta in the fridge that needed to be used. My children were home...
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