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Poké, do you already know it?

I met poke for the first time a week ago I came to know poké while visiting New York with my sister. She told me...
fake pizza

A Fake Pizza, Tasty and Super Healthy

A delicious healthy fake pizza This fake pizza would deserve a real name, term, to define it as it is a real dish, a fantastic...
zucchini and eggs

Zucchini and Eggs Baskets

I love this zucchini and eggs baskets recipe. It is tasty, beautiful, easy to prepare and...light. I admit I wasn't that confident when I first tried...
strawberry trifle

Light Strawberry Trifle

I invented this strawberry trifle about an hourt ago. Just time to take a couple of photos and devore it, and I am already...

Zucchini fritters: delight your palate with this light recipe

I love these zucchini fritters. I often prepare half recipe (about ten fritters or more) and...eat it all by myself. They have that taste...
baked eggplant

My Favorite Baked Eggplant Gratin

I can't remember the first time I prepared these baked eggplant gratin. I just love it and prepare it the whole year as it...

Scrumptious Mushroom Salad

I first ate this mushroom salad a couple of years ago in a friend's restaurant. Since then I've prepared it so many times at...
donuts recipe

Easy & Light Donut Recipe

Here you have an easy and healthy donut recipe. I tried it because I was curious about, and I loved it. It is light and...

Irresistible Baked Potato Chips

These baked potato chips are really irresistible and I can tell you in advance that you'll never prepare enough of them. Your family and...
fruit popsicles

Fruit Popsicles, 33 Calories, Perfect For Summer Hot Days

I used to eat fruit popsicles, but nothing close to these. Today I ate three of them. Yes, I didn't make a typo, I...
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