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Rondelli, the Brazilian Italian Dish

Rondelli, a piece of Italy in Brazil...or the opposite? If you ask for rondelli in Italy, you will probably hear: "what?" It is curious that it...
broccoli and pasta

My Favorite Way to Prepare Broccoli and Pasta

Broccoli and pasta is a typical dish from Southern Italy, especially from Puglia region. They have a local pasta shape called orecchiette that are...

How to make pasta from scratch

I was postponing this how to make pasta post for no special reason. But yesterday I just felt like it was time to make...
tuna pasta

Our Tuna Pasta Recipe – Quick and Tasty!

There was a period when I used to prepare this tuna pasta at least once a week. My children were at school and we...

Irresistible Pasta Carbonara Recipe

This pasta carbonara recipe is my Godmother's one. I learned it watching her prepare it so many times when, freshly married, we happened to...
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