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mackerel patties

Mackerel Patties

Mackerel patties, unusual but delicious When I read mackerel patties, I immediately thought about using the mackerel cans I had in the kitchen cabinet. So...
chocolate chip banana bread recipe

Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – It is Also Gluten Free!

This chocolate chip banana bread really attracted my attention. And it is not easy regarding banana bread, as we have our favorite one (unfortunately...
rye bread

Rye Bread Like the Steakhouses’ One

I first ate the dark rye bread many years ago in a Steak & Ale restaurant in Orlando. I loved it. Some years ago, another...
baked eggplant recipe

Another Baked Eggplant Recipe for a Summer Dinner

Another baked eggplant recipe? Yes! If you are like me, who prefers to cook seasonal products, we have to look for different recipes for...

Appetizing Brioche Bread With No Milk Nor Butter

This brioche bread resembles those soft milk buns...but with no milk at all, but water. Yes, these delicacies are prepared with no dairies without losing...

Delicious Vegan Orange Muffins For Breakfast, Snack …

I prepared these vegan orange muffins without much expectation. I decided to try them because I had some oranges that I wanted to use. I...
dairy free cake recipe

A Super Simple Dairy Free Cake Recipe

I saw this dairy free cake recipe just by chance, while reading here and there through the Internet. I wasn't searching for it, but...
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