My 5 Favorite Zucchini Recipes

    zucchini fries

    Here you have my 5 top favorite zucchini recipes. I cook these dishes very often as I can find zucchini all over the year (even if the seasonal ones are the best). Zucchini have few calories and are easy to prepare and match with ingredients we usually already have at home.

    The top 5 zucchini recipes for me are:

    Zucchini fritters

    Delight your palate with this light recipe

    Easy to prepare, these fritters are light enough to match your diet but are full of flavor.

    zucchini recipes


    Irresistible baked zucchini fries

    They are crispy even if baked in the oven. The Parmesan crust makes them irresistible and there are going to be no leftovers!
    zucchini recipes

    Delicious zucchini pizza crust

    Have the pleasure and taste of a pizza, but with less calories. Prepare a pizza crust with shredded zucchini and enrich the topping with onions and fresh tomatoes. I just love it!

    zucchini recipes


    A Zucchini Pie Easy to Prepare and so Tasty

    You just need a puff pastry package, zucchini, ham and cheese. It is a comfortable solution when you don’t know what to prepare for dinner. Pleases all.

    zucchini recipes


    An Easy Salted Zucchini Cake for Your Picnic or Buffet

    This recipe is very easy to prepare: you just have to mix all the ingredients, pour the mixture into a pan and cook in the oven. That’s all! A tasty cake that is perfect for a lunch to go, a buffet, a picnic, a light dinner…

    zucchini recipes


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