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ana-3I am Ana. I was born in Rio, Brazil, and came to live in Italy many years ago when I married my husband who is Italian. I’ve been living here since then, with frequent visits to my family in Brazil and many trips abroad.

Sorry for my English mistakes. I write in English because I love this language and believe it is the most known worldwide.

My passion for cooking was born sometime after I came to live in Italy. At the beginning it was not easy, as all Italian women seem to be excellent chefs and I felt a little bit  embarrassed compared to them. After some years I began to find my own voice in the kitchen – that is nor Brazilian nor Italian, but a mix of everything I happen to taste and like.

This blog is dedicated for other women like me, that loves to do a lot of things and also want to cook interesting meals for the own family. I am not a chef and it is not in my plans. I believe one can cook simple and easy recipes with great pleasure without having to be a professional. The recipes I share here are all tested and are the ones I like to prepare for my family and friends.

What did I do: I graduated in Economics, I pos-graduated in Enogastronomy, I am a Mensa member and I am certified as an Energy Manager.

What do I believe in? In ourselves. Some years ago I did a tattoo with my children that express our belief.

Stay hungry, stay foolish


What do I like? I like to photograph, I love our dogs (Lennon & Yoko),

I love to travel, I love to connect with people from other parts of the world and I love to cook. And I love to love all this surrounded by my family <3


Thank you for being here.

You are so welcome to share your thoughts, ask questions and what else. I’d love to hear from you.



14 thoughts on “About”

  • Hi Ana, just discovered your blog! I love it! I’ve just returned to Australia from visiting Europe, spending time also with friends in Tuscany! The food was AMAZING! I’ve also been to Brazil and loved that cuisine as well! Looking forward to trying your recipes, especially that lemon pie!!!

    • Thank you so much Annette for your comment. Messages like yours make my day ;-).
      You’ve been to Brazil and Italy and I still have to visit Australia – that fascinates me!

  • Olá, Ana, encontrei ontem seu site ao procurar receita de apple rose e fiquei fascinada com tudo o que vi! Sucesso! Bjs

  • I was looking for a traditional panna cotta recipe and ended up here. Obrigada for showing us how to make this delicious treat!

  • Are those pups Bolognese? I have one named Cosmo (love of my life) I was wondering because I know they are native to Italy

    • Dear Sandra,
      Now we have only Yoko, who is 5 yrs old. Lennon crossed the Rainbow Bridge last February, at 15 1/2 yrs old.
      They, now she, is a bichon frisè – kind of Bolognese cousins 😉 as they are much alike. Some people groom their Bolognese just like bichons and so they are really similar.
      I agree with you that they are pure love. So sweet, so loving. <3

  • Oi Ana, acabei de encontrar seu site procurando por uma receita de pudim. Que surpresa olhar a receitinha em Portugues. Tambem moro fora do BR e adoro trazer um pouco das nossas tradicoes para o meu lar. Obrigada por dividir essa receita. xx

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