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Peach in syrup without sugar looks like a contradiction. But I couldn’t explain it otherwise. We’re talking about peach in syrup prepared with no sugar added, neither any other sweetener.

As soon as I discovered this way to prepare peach syrup without sugar (I did it reducing sugar amount at each time), I began to think about why people use sugar to prepare something that is already so sweet by itself.

The only answer I could fine was …the tradition. I mean, “things continue to be done the same way they have always been done” and that sugar is a preservative.


As I am a bit rebel regarding traditions, I leave you with a joke (even if it is more a life lesson than a joke) 

“A young woman is preparing ham for Christmas Eve, following the family’s recipe. AT a certain point, she asks herself: “Why do I have to cut it in half?” And decide to call her mother to ask the reason. Her mother answers her: “Oh, dear, I don’t know. We have always prepared it that way. Call your granny and ask her about it.” The woman called her grandmother who answered the same as her mother, but decided to ask her mother, the great-grandmother, who answers: “Oh, dear daughter, I use to cut it because it didn’t fit my oven!”

Let’s meditate on a little before repeating behaviors that maybe don’t have any sense for us.

With this wish I leave you with this peach in syrup withut sugar recipe, perfectly according to a present and healthy nutrition.


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